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Warp V2 Migration Guide

With the launch of Warp V2 users can now migrate their stablecoins and LP tokens to the new platform that enables them to lend USDT and borrowing.
If you currently have deposited stablecoins or LP tokens on Warp V1, click this link to migrate your tokens to the new platform: https://warp.finance/
Begin by navigating to https://warp.finance/connect and connecting your wallet. Once on the dashboard, you can click “Migrate to V2” and start the migration process.
Once on the migration site, you can either withdraw your funds, or continue exploring Warp by migrating into v2. Simply click on “Migrate” to start the migration.
Upon clicking “Migrate”, a modal pops up and you can confirm the migration of your currently deposited funds in V1.
After clicking on “Withdraw” Metamask requires your confirmation.
After successful transaction you can then click on “Approve” to approve v2 to migrate your tokens. Once again it is required to confirm the transaction in Metamask.
After successfully approving Warp V2, you can start depositing your funds into V2 and completing the migration process.