Warp Finance
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Stablecoin Lenders and Borrowers

17.4% of total supply
These tokens will be distributed linearly for 1.5 years. This will result in monthly inflation of ~1.064% from rewards to lenders and borrowers.
Initially, 2/3rds of these rewards will be distributed to stablecoin lenders and 1/3rd to borrowers. During the deposit-only phase, the 1/3 allocation will be distributed based on the amount of LP token deposits instead of the amount borrowed. This distribution will be reviewed constantly and adjusted to incentivize a balanced supply and demand. At later stages, this will be replaced by an automatic weighting algorithm.
Rewards earned before the launch of the WARP token will be airdropped retroactively and vested over the course of six months. The amount of tokens allocated to this phase will be equivalent to the monthly rewards mentioned above. For example, if the platform is live for four weeks before the TGE, ~1.06% of the total supply will be given to LPs retroactively. Effectively, you can already earn tokens while the token is not released yet.