Warp Finance
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To better understand how rewards are distributed, let’s take the following example: For simplicity, let’s consider 50 WARP are unlocked daily over the 180 days lock period and the maximum reward amount is 10 000 and 3 days have passed since the beginning of the vesting period. In other words, the current maximum available reward that can be distributed is represented by 150 WARP tokens.
If your shares represent 1% of the total staking shares, you should be entitled to an approximate amount of 0.025 WARP ( 1% total_available_unlocked_rewards / total_vesting_perio_in_days number_of_staking_days, so 0.01 150 / 180 3)
Now let’s time travel 180 days to see how your rewards can look like if you stake for the entire vesting period…
We are now on day 180, no one unstaked, so there are still 10000 rewards available, but now everything is unlocked. Based on the same share ratio of 1%, you get 0.01 10000 / 180 180, so 0.01* 10000 = 100 WARP tokens.
Take note that these values (like share ratio, available unlocked amount and total staking shares) can vary with each chain block as more users can stake their tokens, some can harvest, for others staking time increases and so on.
Furthermore, there will be options to extend this through the Warp Token’s governance capacities as well as Warp Community Fund allocations — the power is truly in the hands of our users.