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Personal Rewards Curve

38.85% of total supply
For more information on how the personal rewards curve works please refer to the “Personal Rewards Curve” section.
The personal rewards curve tokens will be distributed linearly over at least 1.5 years. The tokens will only be distributed within 1.5 years if every lender and borrower in the system maximizes the use of the personal rewards curve mechanism. In that case, the monthly inflation from personal curve rewards will be ~2.16%.
The more likely scenario is that only a certain percentage of borrowers and lenders will utilize the maximum end of the curve. In this case, all users will simply be rewarded a percentage of the monthly rewards depending on the progress of their own personal rewards curve and the percentage of TVL their deposit accounts for. If for example users responsible for 50% of locked up TVL are at the end of the curve and 50% are at the very beginning, then half of the monthly rewards will be distributed as rewards. If a user did not reach the maximum possible rewards on their curve yet their rewards would simply be lower.
The distribution timeline is extended beyond 1.5 years for as long as tokens remain in this pool to be distributed. In the example above, 1.08% of the total supply would have been distributed to personal rewards curve participants. The remainder (1.08%) will remain in the rewards pool.