Warp Finance

Instructions for Using Warp Finance

You’ll see the markets page, docs page, and a button in the middle that allows for viewing the App, clearly labeled as App.
Markets Page = this is where users can get a global picture of the status of stable coin deposits and how many loans have been obtained.
Docs page = This is where users can read the Litepaper as well as get any FAQ's answered such as where do users obtain LP tokens on Uniswap, how can users obtain LP tokens in a wallet, what type of collateral is accepted, and other ideas and other points about Warp Finance.
Apps page = This is the application that is Warp Finance. A user must first connect their wallet which is prompted in their MetaMask or corresponding browser-based wallet. Upon approving the connection the user can now interact with the Warp Finance app.

Deposit LP tokens and stablecoins

1. You can deposit LP tokens on the borrower page. Once on the borrower page the user can then provide collateral.
Select the LP token of your choice and click "provide“. You can identify how much LP tokens are available for depositing by looking under the available column in the user interface on the borrower page.
First you have to click on “Approve spending” before you can click on “Provide” and deposit LP tokens. Each step requires a transaction in Metamask.
Once clicked, Metamask will pop up and you need to confirm the transaction to deposit the LP tokens.

Deposit stablecoins

The other part of Warp Finance is lending. You can earn money by providing stable coin loans to borrowers. You can choose which stablecoin you would like to provide, again depending on the presence of a stable coin in your wallet, and make your selection and deposit this stable coin. After depositing you can then very simply withdraw the stablecoin at any time.
After clicking on “Lend” a window pops up and you have to approve spending first before you’re able to lend your stable coins.
Each step requires a separate transaction in Metamask.

Withdraw LP tokens and stablecoins

To withdraw the LP tokens or stablecoins you merely have to click on “Withdraw“ on the correct section. LP tokens can be withdrawn on the borrower page and stablecoins under “Lender”.
Upon clicking “confirm“, the transaction is prompted to Metamask and requires confirmation. After that you can then view on Etherscan that the transaction has been confirmed.