Warp Finance

How to stake borrower and lender tokens

Once you lent or borrowed stable coins from the LP tokens you provided, you’ll receive W-DAI-B, W-USDC-B, W-USDT-B, W-sUSD-B, W-DAI, W-USDC, W-USDT or W-sUSD tokens and are eligible to stake these on the platform to earn WARP tokens.
Navigate to “Rewards” and you’ll be able to see the staking platform.
If you want to stake your borrower and lender tokens, click on “Stake” of your chosen token and a modal pops up that lets you then type in how much you would like to stake.
Upon clicking “Stake”, the transaction is prompted to Metamask and requires confirmation. You can then view on Etherscan that the transaction has been confirmed. The unstaking is settled in the same token that you staked.