Warp Finance

How to provide liquidity and participate in the Warp Liquidity Rush program

First you need to navigate to https://app.uniswap.org/, click the “Connect to a wallet” button in the right top corner and then your Metamask will allow you to authorize which address you would like to use for Uniswap.
Navigate to “Pool” and then click on “Add liquidity” to provide liquidity for the WARP/ETH pair on Uniswap.
Click on “Select a Token” afterwards and paste in the contract address of WARP: 0xed40834a13129509a89be39a9be9c0e96a0ddd71 You can also use this link which will navigate you directly to the correct pool on Uniswap. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to provide liquidity to the WARP/ETH pool. After entering your preferred amount of tokens you first need to Approve Warp before you are able to click the supply button. Finally after clicking on the supply button your liquidity of Warp and ETH will be added to the pool and in exchange you will receive liquidity pool tokens that represent your overall share of the liquidity pool. You also need these tokens to participate in the Warp Liquidity Rush program.
After you successfully supplied liquidity, navigate on Warp.Finance to “Liquidity Mining” and you’ll see the Warp geyser to stake your LP tokens and earn additional Warp tokens.
Click on “Stake” and a modal pops up that lets you authorize your transaction. After successfully authorizing you are able to stake your LP tokens in the geyser. This process requires 2 separate transactions.
Of course you can withdraw your tokens at any time minus any fees by clicking on “Unstake”.
Congratulations! You are now participating in the Warp Liquidity Rush program!