Warp Finance


How can you obtain Warp Tokens?

No WARP will be sold to investors. Warp tokens can only be earned by active participation and use of the Warp platform. We have several campaigns lined up for rewarding early users. Please refer to our Fair Launch Token section in the Litepaper.

Will there be a market for WARP?

Initially, the team will seed a Uniswap pool with 500 WARP and $25,000 worth of ETH at the start. Thereafter, we will incentivize users to generate markets for the Warp Tokens via our Liquidity Provider Reward Program. By staking Warp-related LP tokens into this pool, users can be rewarded with additional Warp Tokens.

Are all LP tokens supported?

Initially, Warp Finance will support only Uniswap LP tokens for the following pairs: WBTC- ETH, ETH-USDC, ETH-USDT, ETH-DAI.
At later stages, Warp Finance will add support for Sushiswap LP tokens and potentially also Curve LP tokens.

Can I be liquidated on Warp?

Yes, the minimum collateralization ratio is 150%. Please refer to Technical Process for more information.

How do I obtain LP tokens for use as collateral on Warp?

Initially, the Warp platform will enable the depositing of liquidity provider (LP) tokens from Uniswap as collateral. Users can receive these LP tokens on Uniswap v2, accessed from uniswap.org. For more details on what LP tokens are please see here.

How do I input these LP tokens into Warp to receive a loan?

Using a web3 wallet, users will be able to deposit their LP tokens into the Warp Protocol’s platform. Users can deposit the four most common LP token pairs: (wBTC- ETH), (ETH- USDC), (ETH-USDT), (ETH-DAI). Warp is choosing to accept the most common LP token pairings to ensure that these tokens can be input into profitable yield farming and liquidity mining protocols. The collateralization ratio will be 150% over-collateralization, meaning that the collateral must be worth 50% more than the value of the loan.

What will the loan I receive from Warp look like?

In exchange for depositing the aforementioned assets into our platform, users will receive DAI, USDT, and USDC. This loan will be structured as a typical loan, and the interest rate will fluctuate based on the availability of the respective stablecoin within the liquidity pool.

What can I use this loan for?

Users can use their stablecoins across the DeFi ecosystem however they please. One particular use is Warp users can continue to restake/farm the stablecoins received from their loans, giving them the capacity to get leverage on their LP tokens, which they are able to receive back once they repay their loan. This can be performed on the platform of the user’s choosing, providing Warp users with a high degree of freedom, and the capacity to do with their loans as they please.

How do I receive my collateral back?

Users can receive the entirety of their LP token collateral back, in its original token type/form, once they successfully repay their loans. In this manner, users do not have to part ways with their LP token permanently, so long as they are able to repay their loan.